If you live in Los Angeles and would like to donate gently used paperback books, please email to schedule a pickup or delivery. Friends that don’t live locally can participate by sending donations via USPS media mail or purchasing a book from our Amazon Wish List (please make sure to select soft cover editions). Donated books will be delivered to girls at Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles and women at the California Institution for Women in Chino.

Please see the lists below for guidelines of what genres and conditions the facilities can accept. Books received in usable condition that do not meet these guidelines will instead be donated to the Downtown Women’s Center. Donations will be accepted through April 30, 2017, but if you have missed this deadline please visit the resources page to find additional programs accepting donations.

Yes No
Recent best-sellers Hardcovers 
Action/Adventure  Spiral or comb bound
Classic Literature  Multi-level sets - encyclopedias, etc
Ethnic  Self-published (unless written for the prison population)
Historic Fiction Missing pages or covers
Manga/graphic novels Smell musty
Mysteries Yellowed, or have brittle spines
Myths & Legends Too old to have a UPC on back cover
Poetry Magazines
Science Fiction & Fantasy Have writing/notes in the margins/highlighting
Urban Fiction Children's picture books
Westerns College literature compilations
Animals  Have weapons on the cover
Art, especially drawing Romance novels
Computer science - popular programming languages published in the last 6 years Academic journals
Cultural – African American, Hispanic, Native American Computer science more than 6 years old
Environment  Legal journals and attorney-level legal reference
Exercise Textbooks more than 10 years old
Foreign language study and books in Spanish  Travel guides (travel essays and travelogues OK)
Games (Sudoku, puzzles, chess, etc)  True crime
Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender studies Encyclopedias and similar hard-cover book sets
Health - General  Legal Journals
History & current events  GRE and grad-school level test prep books
Legal dictionaries and basic criminal law  Books including instructions about obtaining or creating alcohol or drugs, books including pictures with nudity, instructions on tying knots or picking locks, or training in martial arts and hypnosis.
Psychology & self help
Secret societies and the occult
Small business startup
Social Sciences (archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, activism, political science) 
Spirituality & Religion 
Travel essays and travelogues
Dictionaries (English) 
Almanacs less than 10 years old
Single volume encyclopedias 
Foreign language dictionaries
GED study guides
Spanish/English dictionaries and books in Spanish
Writing reference - grammar guides, etc.