Additional Books to Prisoners Programs

Chicago Books to Women in Prison
Books to Prisoners in Seattle, WA
Books Through Bars - Philadelphia
Books Through Bars - NYC
Books Through Bars- Providence
Boston Prison Book Program
Amherst Prison Book Project
Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project

Fact Sheets and Statistics

Fact sheet on Domestic Violence & The Criminalization of Survival, via Free Marissa Now
Fact sheet and talking points on domestic violence, immigration, criminalization and Nan-Hui Jo, via Stand With Nan-Hui
Fact sheet on Domestic Violence and the Criminalization of Girls, via Survived and Punished
Women in Prison: An overview, the link Between Incarceration and Violence Collateral Consequences of Conviction, via ACLU
Systems of Inequality: Criminal Justice, via Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Statistics on mass incarceration in the US from the Sentencing Project
Statistics on domestic violence and sexual assault in the US, via National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Facts about California women’s Prisoners, via California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Ongoing Campaigns

Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander
Free Bresha Meadows

Prison Activist Organizations

Women’s Prison Activism Archives
Stop Prisoner Rape
California Coalition for Women Prisoners
California Prison Focus
Critical Resistance
ACLU National Prison Project
National Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Western Prisons Project